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Teaching with Passion

I am Tas Ali and I am a teacher of English for non-native speakers with particular focus on IELTS preparation. 

I help individuals become fluent in speaking, listening, reading and writing. This enables my students to do well in English assessment test. As these tests are often critical to academic enrollment, certification requirements as well as immigration, I also teach strategies for performing well in tests such as IELTS, CELPIP and other similar tests.

I have studied in English all my life and am as fluent in English as I am in my mother tongue. I use a multidisciplinary approach to teaching based on the experience I have gathered from over 25 years of teaching and coaching English and business subjects such as Economics Business Studies and Commerce. I have a BBA in Finance and Economics and an MBA in International Business. I am passionate about learning new things and passing the acquired knowledge to my students, peers, friends.

My motto is ‘sharing is caring,’ and ‘treat others the way you want to be treated.’ In my teaching I go above and beyond to help learners succeed because if they do well, we all do well.

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I am continually improving my skills in teaching.

I have completed my training on Teaching IELTS Preparation from Canadian College of Educators. 

I am currently working towards certification as a Teacher of English as a Second Language (TESL).

I would like to help you achieve your objectives as they relate to English, whether it is improved scores in tests or fluency and confidence in communicating your thoughts and ideas.

We can work together on any or all of the four components of communication, namely, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

I look forward to interacting with you through this website, my YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook pages and if you choose, through classes customized to your needs.

The first step is to have our first discussion. Why not set up a virtual meeting by clicking the Contact Me button below? At the very least you will gain a friend and well wisher.

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Preliminary consultation to assess training needs.

Based on learner objectives, a discussion based assessment will be conducted to determine the level of effort that will be needed to achieve the objectives.

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